Our Schools

Northern Gateway Public Schools is proud to encompass 18 of Alberta's finest public schools.

Our schools range in size from an 8-student, one-room Hutterite Colony school to close to 635 students in a Grade 7 to 12 junior/senior high school. While they are all part of the Northern Gateway Team, each one of our schools has its own identity and students work hard at promoting their schools both within and outside of the school building.

All of our schools and their contact information are listed below. If you require any more information on any of the schools, please contact the school directly.
Principal Lorna Vardy
Box 140, Darwell T0E 0L0
Ph: 892-2478 Fax: 892-4727
Principal James Trodden
Bag 340, Onoway T0E 1V0
Ph: 967-2271 Fax: 967-2660
Principal Anna Greenwood
Box 330, Mayerthorpe T0E 1N0
Ph: 786-2268 Fax: 786-2050
Principal Sherry Howey
Bag 4, Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 524-3144 Fax: 524-4054
Principal Richard Rozario
Box 88, Fox Creek T0H 1P0
Ph: 622-3742 Fax: 622-3482
Principal Jacqueline Mines
35 Feero Drive, Whitecourt T7S 1M8
Ph: 778-6266 Fax: 778-6760
Principal Shelley Wyman
Box 210, Alberta Beach T0E 0A0
Ph: 924-3758 Fax: 924-3473
Principal Helen Haugjord
101 Mink Creek Rd, Whitecourt T7S 1S2
Ph: 778-3898 Fax: 778-8416
Principal Bonnie Countryman
Bag 1, Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 524-3433 Fax: 524-3820
Principal Kelly Muir
R.R. #1, Gunn T0E 1A0
Ph: 967-5754 Fax: 967-4484
Principal Darlene Wood
Bag 3, Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 524-3277 Fax: 524-4205
Principal Leonard Oates
Box 419, Sangudo T0E 2A0
Ph: 785-3431 Fax: 785-3179
Principal Egbert Stang
71 Sunset Blvd, Whitecourt T7S 1N1
Ph: 778-2446 Fax: 778-8818
Twilight Colony (K-9)
Principal Loretta Deines
Bag 2, Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 837-8211 Fax: 837-8212
Principal Brent Northcott
Box 40, Mayerthorpe T0E 1N0
Ph: 786-2624 Fax: 786-2246
Valleyview Ranch Colony School (K-12)
Principal Cathy Boychuk
Bag 2, Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 524-4473 Fax: 524-4272
Principal Lynn Shabada
Bag 399, Onoway T0E 1V0
Ph: 967-5209 Fax: 967-5523
Principal Tammy McKeever
4807-53 Avenue, Whitecourt T7S 1N2
Ph: 778-2136 Fax: 778-5150
Outreach Schools
Fox Creek Outreach
Coordinating Teacher Mary-Ann Hodges
#2, 23-1st Avenue, Fox Creek, T0H 1P0
Ph: 622-3120 Fax: 622-3121
Hilltop Storefront
Coordinating Teacher Sarah Van De Kerckhove
#102 & #103 5104 - 51 Ave., Whitecourt, T7S 1A1
Ph: 778-5865 Fax: 778-8818
Gateway Outreach
Coordinating Teacher Kirk Charron
5006-50 Str. Valleyview T0H 3N0
Ph: 524-5508 Fax: 524-5538
Onoway Outreach
Coordinating Teacher Sharon Frederick
5108-49 Ave., Onoway T0E 1V0
Ph: 967-5518 Fax: 967-4034

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